Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Ron Paul Flare-up on Red State Equals Hilarity

Over on Dead State--they only have $15K to go and it doesn't look like the cash is rolling in--they're trying to use whatever means possible to kill Ron Paul. It ain't working.


Republicans to Ron Paul: Seriously, Get Lost.
Because the subtler versions of this message aren't getting through
By Leon H Wolf

Congratulations, Ron Paul. You've once again managed to come in dead last among candidates who actually campaigned in a primary - except this time, you can't blame it all on those Jesus freaks in Iowa. This was New Hampshire, which should have been your most fertile territory in all the early primary states. And unfortunately, it looks like "your most fertile territory" still pretty much equates to "Republicans don't like you or your message."

At this point, I'd favor action by the Congressional Republican Caucus to extricate you from their ranks. There are lots of reasons for this: the fact that you were, ahem, apparently totally unaware of the racist contents of numerous eponymous newsletters (I swear, that's believable, really), the fact that you thought that the way that Pol Pot cleaned up the mess after we left Vietnam was great, the fact that you've publicly stated that we should not defend South Korea if the North Koreans attacked, the fact that you see Jack Kemp and Bob Dole as terrorists, but not the PLO, and well, we could go on and on. I think there are plenty of reasons listed above that the Republicans in Congress wouldn't want to be associated with you - and it appears that Republican primary voters are also not comfortable with you being associated with our party. And while nobody wants to kick members out of the Caucus when we're in the minority, in extreme cases, it's necessary for people to know that there's a certain level of scum we won't be associated with.


Riiiiight. Because conservatives in this country want their racism to not look like actual racism so that no one will hold them accountable. See: Rush Limbaugh, Neil Boortz, Michael Savage, Trent Lott, Fox News, etc.

Commenters reply:

Republican to Leon. Get Lost. by wiseburn
Leon, I always thought the Republican Party had a big tent.
Cato reports 13% of voting age Americans are Libertarian.
We NEED them in the party to get Republicans ELECTED.

You can dislike Paul or his supporters or the way his campaign is run. But don't discount his message of Freedom, Peace and Prosperity. It was fun to see Thompson and Huckabee starting to say some of the same things as Paul in the last debate.

As much as you dislike Paul, his Revolution is bringing people back to the Republican Party. The humungous overspending by Bush and the Republican Congress has alienated many fiscal conservatives. Paul is the only reason many are staying in the Republican Party.

The Bush police state is moving many many independents towards the Democrats. The turnout for Democrats in New Hampshire is the big story from yesterday. Not Paul.



Proving that facts simply don't matter in the conservative world, a Ron Paul supporter that didn't immediately get banned on Dead State simply asks--where are you getting your information?


I'll fess up Leon by satchman2
I was making a point by that - I think you're paraphrasing RP's words to make your point - he didn't say Pol Pot. You said it.

He said using government force to suppress free speech is a type of terrorism - you then took those words and connected them to Dole and Kemp based on their Anti-terrorism act.

You weaken your argument by not sticking to what the man actually said. That sort of slander that doesn't help anyone make good decisions.


When pressed, "Leon" didn't have much of an answer, except to say that he "inferred" what Paul meant.

In other words, "Leon" can't actually support his attacks with quotes, and anyone who questions him is an idiot.

Thank God for Dead State--you can't make this shit up. They're trying to kill off part of their own base by making up stuff. When the actual mouth-breathing racists start to raise money and show up in the national polls at levels higher than people like Thompson and Guiliani, they panic--what threatens their mainstream access to the average American voter is being given the kiss of death by the likes of Stormfront and David Duke by way of a Ron Paul standing at a podium between Romney and McCain. Isn't it fun to watch them implode? Isn't it fun to watch them fall on their own sword by hitting themselves on the head with a hammer?

Here's a little history for you Dead Staters on why Ron Paul is so popular and why the Republican Party's legacy is so shameful.

William Raspberry, June 14, 2004:

And to tell the truth, I might have let this period of national mourning pass without a sour note. But I was in Mississippi when I heard the news of his death, and it came just one day after a white Mississippi newspaper editor proudly handed me a copy of the Philadelphia, Miss., paper, the Neshoba Democrat.

Philadelphia, county seat of Mississippi's Neshoba County, is famous for a couple of things. That is where three civil rights workers -- Michael Schwerner, James Chaney and Andrew Goodman -- were murdered in 1964. And that is where, in 1980, Republican presidential candidate Ronald Reagan chose to launch his election campaign, with a ringing endorsement of "states' rights."

It was bitter symbolism for black Americans (though surely not just for black Americans). Countless observers have noted that Reagan took the Republican Party from virtual irrelevance to the ascendancy it now enjoys. The essence of that transformation, we shouldn't forget, is the party's successful wooing of the race-exploiting Southern Democrats formerly known as Dixiecrats. And Reagan's Philadelphia appearance was an important bouquet in that courtship.


See, that's where Ron Paul got the idea that he could be nuts in public and have strange ideas. That's where he gets that whole "Dixie" mentality about how Abraham Lincoln was wrong and power hungry and that slavery was actually great for African-Americans. He didn't pull it out of his ass. He just looked to the most popular Republican in the last hundred years and fell into lock-step with all the rest of you.

He is you, and you certainly don't like having that pointed out to you, do you?

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