Thursday, January 10, 2008

The "Bush" of the Democrats

We have a battle, not a coronation, in the Democratic Party. But the concern trolls would have you think otherwise.

Just want to highlight something that Andrew Sullivan is peddling, and how quickly Thers at Whiskey Fire was able to jump on it and mock it:


Wow. Andy Sullivan is losing his mind. Somebody, quick, get that peanut before it rolls under the couch.

My fear is that if you merely wound her candidacy, you are in danger. The Clinton machine is now poised to pull every partisan lever and deploy every cheap tactic: the gender card, the elderly card, the 527s, the teachers' unions, AFSCME, the Human Rights Campaign, the super-delegates, and the core Democratic base. This is always about the Clintons. If the Democrats have to lose to McCain in November so Hillary Cliton can become the first female nominee for any major party, that's a price the country will just have to pay.

Now they have to either kill or coopt the hope that Obama has unleashed. Just as Bush coopted McCain's New Hampshire message in 2000, so Clinton is coopting Obama's message in 2007. She didn't find her own voice; she took Obama's, removed the eloquence and added a spice of identity politics.

She is the Bush of the Democrats. Which is why Obama must defeat her.

Jesus tits, get a fucking grip, you big giant baby. You're just making all that shit up.

Pro forma: I would prefer a different candidate than HRC. That said, more harm has been done to our democracy by the demented anti-Clintinoids than the Clintons ever did. For openers, these are by and large the same gang of assholes who enabled George W Bush.

Sullivan has no grasp of policy, or of how things actually work or are likely to in the real world. Or he just doesn't care. He has some Exciting Grand Epic Movie playing in his head, and that's what matters.


Oh, he is indeed making it up. The movie playing in his head stars himself as the wise adviser [ concern troll? ] to President Obama, and together they fight crime and save the world from...not sure, exactly. Most supervillains don't come in a pantsuit with a husband that talks about fairy tales.

For examples of what is really happening, the SEIU in Nevada has endorsed Obama and John Kerry also says that he's going to endorse Obama. I'm guessing that the so-called Clinton machine just ain't what it used to be. In other words, it's a contest. A race. It's not a walk to glory or a coronation. It's looking like Clinton vs Obama and whoever wins is going to be ready to beat the hell out of the Republican brand name. If Sullivan still "fears" a Republican on the ticket for 2008, he clearly hasn't been watching them debate each other into oblivion. If Sullivan thinks this country is going to hand the keys to a crazy coot like McCain--who will implode when challenged in any future debate--then he hasn't been reading anything relevant about the polls, public opinion, or public sentiment about the economy, the war, and health care.

Sullivan ceased to be relevant or interesting so long ago, it isn't even funny. In a world where Bill Kristol can land a paying gig at the New York Times, don't look for Sullivan to go away any time soon.

BONUS observation from the brilliant Apollo 13:

When Gore won the Nobel, Sully on an "Inconvenient truth about Al Gore"...

Much of the blame for America’s intense divisions in wartime can be laid at the feet of the men who beat him, George W Bush and Dick Cheney. But the brutal showdown nine months before 9/11 – completely avoidable if Gore had been able to descend from his high horse – was also his responsibility. And its effects continue, even down to the difficulty Hillary Clinton has in persuading anyone outside the Democratic base that she can be trusted with presidential power.

PS: Did you know that I love bear fights! It's true!

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