Friday, January 4, 2008

First Friday Catblogging of 2007 (er, make that) 2008

Buddy Impeachment is still a bit miffed over that trip to the groomers and the trimming of the nails. I think that pisses him off worse than getting a bath. When he saw the camera came out, this look is about as close as I got to a good pose, and I'm still checking my shoes before I put them on for - *ahem* - surprises.

You try telling an 18-pound Siamese "no" when he gets on you and demands that you stop blogging and pet him! Charlie is not one to take "no" for an answer, anyway. (And yes, hubby's t-shirts are that oversized on me, and no, he isn't a huge fella. What I lack in volume, I more than make up for in explosive capacity.)

Charlie isn't the only one who likes the towel rack. Dreidel is very fond of it too - and if it's full of towels? No impediment to her! She just pulls enough towels off to give her clearance...

...and promptly turns her back on me, and goes to sleep. I am a dog person, for crying out loud! How the hell did I end up owned by three cats?

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