Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Countdown Begins...

...let's fortify ourselves for the year we just greeted.

Just because I'm agnostic-leaning-atheist on the whole 'god' thing doesn't mean I can't be moved on a soul-ular level.

In fact, I think that we should adopt this as an anthem this year.

By 'we' I mean We, the People, the rabble the founders accommodated in that pesky Constitution. The 70% who think we need to get the hell out of Iraq.

And we all know there is only one way to do that...Elect enough Democrats to Congress to force an end to the war down the Presidents throat, no matter who the next president is.

If you are one of those who doesn't believe we can count on any candidate, Democratic or Republican, to end the war, I have a deal for you. And I have no problem with it, frankly. Now, here is my proposal. Feel free to adopt a "fuck the president" attitude. Say it out loud - fuck the president - write it off. But if you do, I would encourage you to agree to vote for whatever Democrat earns the nomination, and then, turn your full attention to the Congress.

The Democrats have the majority.

The Democrats want to end the war.

The Republicans don't.

Fuck the presidency.

But make absolutely sure it's a god-damned Democratic Congress!

And here is an idea - take back the damned primaries.

If you are a Republican, stop letting the wingnuts select your nominees. It isn't just the local idiots any more - they are killing the Republican Party at every level.

If you are a Democrat, stop acquiescing to the candy-assed, hand-wringin' centrists compromisers who bow down and worship at the altar of electability, and instead, vote for some real, honest-to-Jefferson, Liberal damned Democrats, for crying out loud!

Contrary to what my political opponents might think; I don't want any party to have all the marbles, even mine. I saw what happened to the Democrats over 40 years and the Republicans over just 12. I just want a healthy body politic and honest discourse.

I'll give you a pass for writing off the presidency, if you are just too disgusted to participate, at least in the primaries - but only if you will agree to fight like hell to elect enough Democrats to the Congress that the President doesn't matter.

You think about it. Here is your inspiration.

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