Monday, December 31, 2007

Randy Newman gets to play us out...

He has a few words to say, in defense of our country, and so do we.
Well said, Mr. Newman.

I'm not going to wax poetic for paragraphs. I don't have to. You read this blog, so you know the score and you know what's at stake. I'm just going to remind you that we - as in We, The People - have a Constitution to rescue and a Country to save, and we put our shoulders to the wheel in earnest in the morning, and we don't stop, ever, until we have won.

By the time this song is over, it's a whole new year - and it's a year in which we get to choose a new president and take back our country. The very fate of the republic is at stake. It's time to take a stand, In Defense of Our Country.

--Let's make it a 2008 for the history books,

--Blue Girl & Pale Rider
--31 December 2007

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