Saturday, December 22, 2007

Is "Premaindered" a word?

Eh. It is now. I had to make it up, because it fits perfectly to describe Karl Rove's forthcoming hagiographic gushing about his man-crush on time spent with George Bush.

Remember, not quite a month ago, he and Robert Barnett started making the rounds to publishers, shopping the notion of his memoirs. HarperCollins took a meeting, then took a pass. Ditto Random House. When the bidding started on December 6th, speculation was that he would get about $3 million.

But interest sputtered early, because the prototype for all "loyal Bushie's" to come isn't going to tell anything - he's going to swoon for 330 pages.

Just the week before he started whoring for a book deal he reminded us all just how pathologically dishonest he is in an interview with Charlie Rose, when he sat there with a straight face and said Daschle wanted the AUMF before the 2002 midterms; claiming Bush didn't want the vote to take place before the balloting because he didn't want to politicize it! He peddled a memoir, but he will deliver fiction.

Besides that, I think that people are starting to figure out that Rove just ain't that good. He did a lot of stupid stuff, and he sparked off baseless investigations that usually went nowhere, in order to win when his candidate was in peril of losing. And who can forget the "thumpin'" he orchestrated in 2006?

With interest waning, and no big publishing houses showing anything more than perfunctory interest, he signed with Mary Matalin's right-wing vanity press, Threshold Editions.

Ashbel Green, a senior editor at Alfred A Knopf said that in spite of interest in any book by Rove, he said Rove's advance might reach the mid-six figures, but not higher - if only because Rove lacks charisma and personality.

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