Monday, December 31, 2007

Bill Kristol - A True Believer in the Conservative Cause?

Yes--that's a picture of a Disney character. A Disney character called "Scrooge McDuck." But it is being used as satire, as a way of commenting on the miserly ways of a public figure.

The New York Times probably should have looked askance at the resume of William the Bloody Kristol before hiring him--chief of staff to Dan Quayle? Hello? [Blue Girl has already posted some excellent observations on why people should just walk away from the Grey Lady for doing something so reprehensible--I just wanted to add a little something to it. And incite a dozen Disney copyright lawyers into stampeding into my bottle washing factory to harangue me for using an image of one of their minor, not-so-beloved characters.]

But if you look at who he's been giving money to, it ends up being about $8,000 in donations, going back to the early 1990s. Yep--that's it. That's all he's given to the cause. So you true-blue conservatives out there--pay attention. One of your spiritual and intellectual leaders has only given a paltry amount of his vast wealth and income to the politicians who are to carry the spears and fight the conservative fight. Most of the money he's handed out went to one guy, Spencer Abraham. Conflict of interest, there, for future "columns" in the NY Times? I hope they disclose it, if it's at all relevant in the future.

See that happy smile on the beak of Scrooge McDuck? That's Bill Kristol smiling his little smile at the thought that he now gets all of that prominent real estate in the NY Times. He's laughing at America for falling for his ridiculous bullshit. He's laughing because he has spent his adult life getting paid to be wrong on a consistent basis about everything of substance. He's laughing at you, Mr. Wingnut, because you give so much more than he does. He's laughing all the way to the bank, because the vast majority of the money he does earn is not recycled back into the cause. It goes in his pocket. And he buys himself nice things. And lives in Northern Virginia, in one of the most exclusive areas, and he thinks you're all chumps for giving money to Republican politicians.

Giving money to Republicans should not disqualify anyone from getting a job at the New York Times--so long as that person is open and honest about it. In fact, giving money to politicians is perfectly fine.

But George Allen?

MCLEAN, VA 22101
Senate - VA
general 07/10/06

And he only gave him $250 dollars? Thanks, but no thanks. I guarantee you--thousands of conservatives in Northern Virginia gave Allen a hell of a lot more than $250 bucks--and the majority of them probably didn't live in McLean and didn't have the vast amounts of right wing welfare money rolling in that Kristol has had rolling in since getting his first job. Wouldn't you wingnuts want to have a rich daddy to "create" a career for you and subsidize your fanciful ideas and steaming piles of bullshit recycled as observation and thought? Wouldn't you like to get paid to sit on your ass and be wrong about everything, and even go on Fox News and do it in public, with a smirk on your face? Just like Bill?

Good Lord. Scrooge McDuck would be proud...

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