Sunday, October 21, 2007

Political Prosecutions: they are not just for the DoJ any more!

The Pentagon has their own version of using prosecutions to influence elections.

It was so bad, so obvious, and so odious that Air Force Col. Morris Davis resigned in protest. He was pressured to bring prosecutions against high-profile detainees in advance of the 2008 elections, whether they were ready or not, rather than prosecute cases that were more solid, and ready to proceed.

Davis abruptly resigned after complaining that his authority in prosecutions was being usurped. He argued that Air Force Brig. Gen. Thomas Hartmann, a new legal adviser to the convening authority for military commissions, should remain a neutral and independent party and should leave prosecuting cases to prosecutors.

In his complaint, Davis alleged that Hartmann inappropriately requested detailed information on pending cases, defined the sequence in which cases would be brought forward and expressed an intent to personally conduct pretrial negotiations with defendants' attorneys.

A Pentagon review found that Hartmann did not attempt to coerce Davis's team but advised that he should "diligently avoid aligning himself with the prosecutorial function so that he can objectively and independently provide cogent legal advice" to the convening authority -- the official in charge of supervising the commissions.

J.D. Gordon, a Pentagon spokesman, said that Hartmann was not available for comment.
These bastards have politicized absolutely everything, to a disgusting, sickening degree. They have brought charges against people for the sin of working for a Democratic state government. They have engaged in caging to suppress the votes of African-American members of the military. They have spied on Americans, trashed 800 years of common law by suspending Habeas Corpus, they have engaged in torture and they have dismissed the Geneva Conventions as "quaint."

And now, they have stooped to political prosecutions of terror suspects.

Through their perfidy, their mendacity, their craven disregard for the rule of law, they have put the very Republic at peril.

I am honestly terrified, not of Islamists, but of my own government. I have serious doubts about the ability of the nation to withstand another fifteen months of these bastards. What the hell, Nancy? If this isn't enough to put impeachment back on the table, you are as despicable, feckless and loathsome as they are, and you deserve the same fate.

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