Wednesday, July 11, 2007


As if there was any doubt left in any sentient mind that the far-right wing of the Republican party could not possibly care less about the well-being of the G.I.’s in the field, Republicans successfully filibustered the Webb amendment that would have mandated that troops receive at least as much dwell-time as they do time in the theatre of operations.

Republicans Chuck Hagel (the bill’s co-sponsor) Norm Coleman, John Sununu, Gordon Smith, John Warner, Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe crossed party lines to vote with the Democrats. Snowe is the only one of the Republican’s to support the bill who is not up for reelection in 2008.

It is no surprise that the perpetually ignoble Joe “More War!!!” Lieberman voted with the feckless republicans to kill Senator Webb’s reasoned and reasonable troop-protection amendment to the Defense Authorization Bill for FY 2008. I hope no one is too taken aback by the feckless fools Domenici and Lugar, who showed their true colors (various shades of yellow) and an unwillingness to do what is right and break ranks with the resident on this issue.

I am also deeply disappointed in Senator Bond, whose son served in Iraq as an intelligence officer. I received the following statement from his office:

"I am concerned about the burden placed upon our brave fighting men and women and their families and we are working with the military to ensure appropriate rest periods for our active, guard and reserves.

"This amendment would make a difficult situation worse, however.

"It would limit our service members and commanders in a time of war, hinder our war-time capabilities, and most importantly it would undermine unit cohesion and our ability to win."

I must disagree. A force that is receiving inadequately training and that does not receive appropriate rest and dwell-time is a greater threat to our ability to respond to threats both at home and abroad, than a statutory requirement that mandates they receive appropriate rest time.

I hope everyone who has ever served, or loved someone who did will remember this vote forevermore. A no vote here was simply unconscionable. It was beyond unconscionable. It was, in the words of my husband “repre-fucking-hensible.”

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