Thursday, July 12, 2007

Just consider the source

What was John “Waterworks” Boehner thinking yesterday when he called the Senate Republicans who favor a change of course in Iraq “wimps?” Someone who breaks down weeping as often as he does should never call anyone a wimp, the way I tote the board.

Boehner and the shame of Missouri, Minority Whip Roy Blunt, were getting their”Tom Delay” on and attempting to strong-arm a unified front among House Republicans, furiously rationalizing that they must set themselves apart from those rascally Senators in the upper chamber, some with the temerity to think about withdrawing their support for the resident and his spectacular war.

Representative Heather Wilson, (R-N.M.) a former United states Air Force officer, was taken aback, although she declined to comment directly in contradiction to the minority leader, but she did point out that “Senator [Richard] Lugar’s (R-Ind.) speech was one of the more thoughtful speeches [she had heard] in the Senate in a long time.” She went on to say that the opinions of their colleagues “should always be taken seriously.” (Wilson, it should be noted, while opposing the troop escalation that has only succeeded in devastating our military further, votes the party line anyway and consistently opposes measures brought to the floor by Democrats.)

A spokesman for Boehner said his comments were in no way meant to trivialize the war or the senators’ decisions. Rather, they were meant to emphasize the importance of allowing the troop surge to work and to urge GOP lawmakers to reserve their judgment on the situation until September, when Gen. David Petraeus is scheduled to brief Congress fully on the progress in Iraq.

“The leader’s comments were intended to illustrate the fact that we just recently voted to give the troops our full support — including ample time for the Petraeus plan to work — and that too much is at stake for Congress to renege on its commitment now by approving what can only be described as another partisan stunt by Democrats,” Boehner spokesman Brian Kennedy said.

“Their bill will have no impact if passed, other than to give America’s enemies something to gloat about.”

Now far be it from me to shed any tears over the Republican party squabbling amongst themselves…Hell, pass me the popcorn, because if they are sniping at and lying about one another, that just weakens them as we head into the most contentious general election cycle in my lifetime. It’s all good news for Democrats, IM(ns)HO.

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