Saturday, April 7, 2007

It all depends who is on the receiving end what you call it, doesn't it?

Don’t get me wrong – I am elated that the crisis with the British Sailors and Marines who were taken captive is over, and that they have been released and are back in England enjoying the embrace of their families this Easter season.

I am extremely relieved that aWol has had a reason to start bombing taken away. Jesus am I glad for that bit!

However – I am a bit put off by the drumbeat that is starting to emanate from the far corners of the noise machine.

It seems a lot of people are up in arms, and charges of mistreatment seem to be emerging.

Which makes me curious about something – why is it mistreatment to make an Englishman think he might be executed by a firing squad, but it’s okay for a brown person to be waterboarded and made to think he will drown?

Why is psychological chicanery mistreatment when those on the receiving end are westerners, but prolonged exposure to temperature extremes, stress positions and “rough treatment” are vital tools for national security when the people being stressed are the dreaded “other”?

Perhaps charges of mistreatment are justified - except it's a thin soup of a charge, because the Brits threw their lot in with us, and the U.S. is a state that sanctions torture and indefinite imprisonment. So even if the charges are justified, there is no standing when cases are compared. Way to go, Rumsfailed, Cheney, aWol et al.

No, I’m not a terrorist sympathizer.

I’m a human being with a conscience, a penchant for fair play, and valid questions I would like answered.


Anonymous said...

you are so right on. The hypocrisy on the right is truly astounding.

Larry Burkum said...

What slide said. And what BGRS said.

opit said...

It's a piece with everything else. It didn't take long after the United States established arms superiority over any possible challenger for the abuses to start. I posted a link where George 1 managed to destroy Iraq's water supply.
If people can be sufficiently browbeaten to accept the idea they are threatened, fear reaction will allow force projection without the constraints of reason. CNN is doing an extra-fine job in that regard.
Did you pick up on Needlenose's links on the Overton Window ? I have a Wikpedia link on that and "What the right wing gets ..." on the Blogroll. It makes clear how the Noise Machine is a vital cog in the brainwashing of America.