Saturday, March 24, 2007

Wanker of the Week: Ruben Navarrette Jr. of the San Diego Union Tribune

Look out! Here comes the race card! And this chump thinks it's a trump!

Yep. According to this jackass, we only want Gonzo's head because we are "white liberals who resent Gonzales because they can't claim the credit for his life's accomplishments and because they can't get him to curtsy. Why should he? Gonzales doesn't owe them a damn thing."

Yeah. And those U.S. Attorneys were all fired for performance reasons, too.

What a wanker.

Listen up folks, and I don't care who this pisses off, but I am sick to death of identity politics. You're hispanic, she's black, I'm a Jew and who gives a flying fuck about any of that? I don't give a rats ass what race, gender, sexual orientation, or creed you are. Can you do your fucking job? Are you trustworthy? Are you competent? If pressed, could you locate your moral compass?

I was born during the Civil Rights movement and and grew up with parents who weren't fucking insane. When I don't get earnest enough for the identity politicians, I shake my head in dismay. Hell, isn't this what the struggle was for? That whole content of the character thing? Got it. Think it's a grand idea. Consider that one incorporated into my gestalt.

Another given is that assholes come in all varieties of human. Gonzo happens to be an asshole and Hispanic. Lieberman is an asshole and a Jew. That's my cross to bear.

Gonzo was not appointed to be the Attorney General for Hispanic Americans. Or do we all get one?

It isn't about race, it's about turning Justice into "Just Us" and I don't give a fuck if the offender is the only one of his or her kind - I still want their fuckin' head on a pike.

Just in case the race card fails, Navarrette also offers this totally DOA defense of Gonzo's fecklessness: "
Gonzales' persecutors are blind with rage, or maybe just blind. Surely they see that the push to dump the U.S. attorneys came from White House political adviser Karl Rove."

Ummm. That's a defense? Somehow I don't think so. If a member of my ethnic group was so useless and weak as to capitulate the entire fucking Constitution to the likes of Karl Rove...I would be the first one calling for their resignation, not the last loyalist at the battlements. Buy a fucking clue, moron.

And for just flat out not fucking getting it, Ruben Navarrette, Jr. of the San Diego Union Tribune Editorial Board is our Wanker of the Week


Larry Burkum said...

A-f**king-men! I read his column in the local paper and wanted to immediately burn it.

nunya said...

Thank you blue gal,

I have always hated Navarette, and most of the SDUT in general. "Fishwrap" is how I usually refer to it, and Navarette happens to be one of the smelliest writers, although Chris Reed is a piece of work, also.

The RepugnantThuglicans love them, & there's a shitload of them here.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't even get past the headline of Navarette's latest whine-fest; now I'm glad I didn't. Buck up Ruben! We don't hate you (or Gonzalez) because you're brown, we hate you because you're a clown!

Anonymous said...

Exactly. My middle name is Joaquin, my mother's maiden name is Ortega & I don't expect or receive any free passes on my frequent stupidities because I'm Hispanic. In fact, to suggest I should somehow be exempted from criticism because I'm Hispanic, is & of itself incredibly racist.

The same applies to Sleazy Gonzalez. If he got his job because he was Hispanic, that's racist. If he is supposed to be immune to criticism because he's Hispanic, that supposition is racist. If people are accusing those who legitimately criticise his job performance of being racist, they are in fact being racist. The only ones bringing up Gonzalez ethnicity are those who are trying to use it as a groundless exemption from criticism. That's racist. If any of his critics suggested the reason that Gonzalez was such a crappy AG was BECAUSE he was Hispanic, THAT would be racist. For his defenders to imply he must not be criticised BECAUSE he is Hispanic is every bit as racist. Stupid & incompetent comes in every colour of the racial rainbow.