Friday, March 23, 2007


WASHINGTON Mar 23, 2007 (AP)— Attorney General Alberto Gonzales approved plans to fire several U.S. attorneys in a November meeting, according to documents released Friday that contradict earlier claims that he was not closely involved in the dismissals.

This is in sharp contrast to what has been maintained by the administration all along, that Gonzalez was not involved in the decision.

Not involved…But on November 27, there was an hour-long meeting, Gonzalez and Sampson were both present, and the Attorney General signed off on it.

Gonzalez is gone by noon Monday. Rove and Meiers have to testify. Under oath. Snow resigns.

Boy they held a lot of bad news for the dump today, didn’t they?

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Anonymous said...

Having predicted that Gonzalez would go last Tuesday, I'm so not touching his possible departure date...

But I do agree Rove & Meiers will be forced to testify, definitely with a transcript.I'm not so sure about under oath.

As for Tony Snow, I'd doubt he resigns, at least not over this. He's having surgery on Monday for a suspicious abdominal growth, possibly a recurrence of his bowel cancer. As a result, he's off for approximately 2 weeks & gets to dodge this gathering shitstorm. Mind you, depending on how his surgery goes, he might decide life is too short & too precious to waste it taking heat from former peers, for bosses who repeatedly lie to him.

He's certainly no paragon of virtue or veracity, but I've seen glimpses of something that resembles embarassment & among spokesmen for this administration, that practically passes for a conscience....