Monday, March 19, 2007

Live Blogging the Chimperor

The president is about to step to the mike to address us on his glorious vanity war that is decimating the military, our credibility and our treasury...

He will tell us it's going better than the media reports, and he will ask for patience...

And here he is...

History of the day - we invaded to remove Saddam Hussein, he's gone and he's been held accountable

(When will it be George's turn to face accountability?)

Iraq is an ally in the war on terror and our most important mission is to help Iraq secure the capital.

(Never mind the bug hunt just moves to the provinces. Ever lived in an apartment building where only one unit was bug bombed?)

The ab-Surge-ity is in it's early stages and will take months to work. Restrictions have been lifted so the troops can get the job done.

(They can now get trapped in warrens in Sadr City and we will dispatch the next 3000 much more efficiently.)

"There will be good days, and there will be bad days."

(No shit.)

And that oil law he just touted isn't good for Iraqi's - it is good for Exxon - but not Iraqis.

"There has been good progress. There is a lot more work to be done."

(What does this fucking moron know about progress or work? Just sayin'.)

Democrats are responsible to get a bill to his desk "without strings and without delay." It can be tempting to just pack up and leave - and for the safety of America we must prevail.

(Bullshit. We voted for CHANGE, asshole, not more of the same plus 21%!!! And as to the "terrorists" - they aren't going to suddenly stop fighting a civil war to follow us here. Hell, they won't even follow the troops to Kuwait.)

It can be won if we are just resolved to do so.

(Still haven't adequately explained how the US gets to win Iraq's civil war. I guess we aren't supposed to think about that.)

And that's all, folks.

The punk took no questions, but did tell a reporter who tried to ask one to "zip it."

That was like the Hershey's Kiss of presidential addresses -

Not much there, the quality sucked, and there's a funny aftertaste that kinda makes me want to gag.


Turn out, tune in, and turn it up.

It's time to bring on the politicians because

there is no military solution.

It's time to stop the war.

It's time to bring the troops home.

It's time to fully fund the VA.

It's time to



exMI said...

I didn't hear his speach. I'll just comment on your comments. :)
Bug hunt - your comparison to an apartment being bug bombed is cute but not really valid. Roaches don't need bases of operations and support teams. Insurgetns do. If yuo can drive them out of the capital and then secure teh area so they can't come back in it works. Eventually they have no where else to run except another country and we'll see if Iran or Syria really want them operating out of their territory.

troop surge - Well you'll never believe it can work. but if you want to fight insurgetns you have to go where they operate. If that is the warrens of Sadr City so be it. Petreaus seems to have his head on straight. I'll give him a chance.
I have heard varying things about the oil law. I'll have to do some research before I mak up my mind on it's efficacy. I do know one of it's prime functioins was to centralize the oil income witht eh government so it can be distributed to all Iraqi provinces not jsut localized where the oil is. That is needed to keep Anbar.

There has been good progres made. You just refuse to admit it.

No, they won't stop right away to come after us but Iraq will collapse into a larger version of post soviet Afghanistan. And that will breed hell all over the place. Adn if you think the professional jihadists won't expand their operations from there you are mistaken.

Win - A stable functioning Iraq with a stable functioning government. No big mystery there.

I got tired of shouting into the wind on this issue for awhil but I'm back now. Hope you still appreciate teh "loyal opposition"

Blue Girl, Red State said...

It is a bug hunt.

The US military can not secure and hold the entire damned country. We didn't go in with enough and we don't have enough. They only way they could surge was to cut short the time between tours.

Petraeus is a good guy. I don't know him, but I know people who do, and his head is on straight - but what he is charged with is not what his research pointed toward as strategy. I have actually read his thesis - in the library at Leavenworth, for whatever that is worth.

Show me progress that is not more than offset. This article in the Air Force Times today doesn't indicate much of this progress of which you speak.

Invading Iraq did change the dynamic - I'll give that - the CIA estimated approximately 700 dedicated jihadis before we invaded Iraq. Now there are tens of thousands.

Mission accomplished.

Me said...

I don't have seizure disorder, but I swear, every single time I hear Dubya's disgusting voice, I damn near have a seizure.
What a prick.

Anonymous said...

You got it right, Blue Girl. We cannot win there no matter what, and really, I thought our priority was Osama-anyone remember HIM??? But the criminal admin just keeps on jackin' around in Iraq not worrying about anyone else's kids getting killed. We've been there as long as WW2 and have not accomplished, really, a gdmf thing. ITMFA

exMI said...

I left a followup response here yesterday that seems not to have arrived. Oh well.....

MBG - I disagree about winning in Iraq as you can tell from my post and frankly the thousands of troops running up and down mountainin in Afghanistan would dispute your thught that people have forgtotten UBL. but if it makes you feel better, go ahead and whine.

Anonymous said...

Whine, whine, whine. We should not have invaded Iraq, period. There is no "winning" for us there. WTF do YOU call winning???