Thursday, March 29, 2007

Is this what "Success" looks like?

Revenge for the suicide bombings in Tal Afar two days ago have left scores of Sunni’s dead, after a suicide truck bomber targeted a Shi’ite Mosque by luring victims to the truck under the guise of selling wheat.

Within hours, Sunnis were rounded up and herded into the street, where many were shot in the head. The death squads were the local police. Tal Afar is a mixed city, but the police force is predominantly Shi’ite.

Back in Baghdad, more evidence that the insurgency is adapting to the increased American troop presence is accumulating rapidly.

In the areas that were targeted first for security sweeps by American forces, the bombs are going off again.

And here is a delightful new twist on insurgent tactics…Insurgents are capturing government buildings, like agriculture offices and the like, and blowing them up. This serves a dual purpose – it disrupts government operations at the local level – and it denies the Americans moving into the provinces in the attempt to “clear and hold” positions with too-few troops the opportunity to make a base of operations of the buildings most likely to have reliable water and power.

In light of these events, I’ll be stickin’ by that Bug Hunt assessment for now.

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