Sunday, March 11, 2007

Brit Hume Just Called Me Out!

He specified me and all my friends! He cast aspersions on the "bloggers and other leftist elements of the party." That's us! FAUX is afeared of you and me!

I think we got their attention when FAUX got slapped down in the debate brouhaha in Nevada. Of course, that joke about Obama/Osama made by Ailes after Edwards pulled out wasn't a thumb in the eye or nuthin' and didn't indicate how a Democratic slate would be presented to the public. No not at all. *Fair and Balanced* and all that, you know.

But we are shrill and unreasonable for holding his Republican-propaganda-tool feet to the fire.

Well boo mother-fuckin' hoo. Cry me a river and play me a requiem. I've been right about everything for the last six years, while those mother fuckers have been wrong. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. They haven't just been wrong though. They have also been bullying and overbearing, threatening those who dared oppose them.

So don't look at me to be all fucking civil and meek and mild about calling their useless asses on the carpet and pantsing 'em in public.

Of course, the fact that these asshats are talking about us is proof positive that we are here to stay, we are a force to be reckoned with, and they are going to have to learn to deal with the new era of accountability or get the fuck out of the way. We are smart, savvy and diverse, and we are changing the way politics is done.


We're fucking political insurgents, and they can't beat us.

There are enough of us ants to pick the elephant carcass clean.

So just let me say this

Yo, Hume - Fuck you very much. I realize that it galls you that a bunch of low-lifes like us - and I'm waiving at a whole bunch of liberal bloggers like me (How the hell are ya Hill?) are treading on your sacred ground, you partisan shill, but you are just going to have to employ a coping mechanism or two. (Try a Xanax, a glass of good scotch and a sporty romp between the sheets, and next Sunday we would see a different affect on that dour mug.)

Anyway, not to gloat or anything, but my new years resolution was to stop pulling my punches with reich-wing fucktards, so let me bust out a hearty...



Me said...

Personally, I suspect Hume would just love Jenna's fave drink, an Alamo Basement.

2 parts peach schnapps

1 part Ballerina vodka (or any vodka that comes in a 1/2 gallon plastic easy-pour safety bottle)

A crushed Vicodin*, and a splash of soda.

It's served through a funnel and accompanied by chanting.

* If the person ordering is such an anal stickler for historical accuracy that they say, "There is no basement in the Alamo!," Substitute two Vicodin.

Courtesy of Betty Bowers, naturally.


opit said...

I do believe you're even more obstreperous than at Political Animal ! That is not a problem.... heh,heh
Heard from Pale Rider or Rabbitvoz lately ? ( I don't even know if Skippy would continue on my radar if you hadn't made it easy )

Blue Girl, Red State said...

The Wraith of the High Plains is alive and well and abstaining from blogging for the time being.

I know. I miss him terribly.

I last heard from Rabbit a couple of months ago. I need to beat those bushes and see if he hops out...

Anonymous said...

Fuckin' A, blue Girl!!

Anonymous said...

Damn blue Gal don't hold back!
I've seen Frank'n'Hume mad. It ain't pretty but it is funny...

That Alamo Basement drink...Is it shaken or stirred?