Friday, March 9, 2007

Round One: EDWARDS

If you haven't been keeping tabs on the kerfuffle about FAUX News and the Democratic primary debate in Nevada, well...there was one. But it's pretty much over, and Edwards won it.

Here's the deal - the Democratic Party in Nevada originally - inexplicably - booked FAUX News to host the Democratic primary debate in that state. That got the lefty-blogs up in mother-fuckin' arms. John Edwards (already in trouble with the blogosphere because of going wobbly in the face of the Wonkette/Shakes Sister criticism) pulled out of the debate. Pressure began mounting on other candidates to do the same, but FAUX - probably scared shitless of getting caught with their pants down and losing half the slate and being exposed for the partisan hacks they are - pulled out.

The purpose of a debate is to present the candidates. There is no reason to believe that FAUX
would present the candidates in an unbiased journalistic manner. As evidence I offer the following exchange between Fred Barnes and Mort Kondrake when FAUX hosted a presidential debate in 2004: (Hattip Digby for digging up the transcript)
FRED BARNES, EXECUTIVE EDITOR, "WEEKLY STANDARD": Not really. Maybe Al Sharpton. It makes a difference when Sharpton's there. It was much livelier debate, as a result. That's for sure. He wasn't there in New Mexico last week, although Lieberman was livelier tonight than he's been before and so on.

So, it was a zippier debate but, I think, uneventful in the outcome of the Democratic presidential fight.

I think Democrats have one problem in these debates and that is they talk about an America, they criticize what's going on and they create a picture of an America that I think most people don't recognize, you know. It's an America where the Patriot Act is creating a police state and where, as Al Sharpton said, soldiers come home and they can't get an education, they can't get a house, you know. They can't get a job or anything like that.

You know, there's this health care crisis that is ruining the country and we're involved in another Vietnam. And people in Florida are denied the right to vote. I don't think most Americans recognize that as the real America.

MORT KONDRACKE, EXECUTIVE EDITOR, "ROLL CALL": Obviously, they are not appealing to the whole of America. What they are trying to do is to appeal to the Democratic primary voter. And the way that you appeal most to Democratic primary voters is to beat up on George Bush.

I mean, practically anytime anybody asked a substantive question they had a little bit of an answer about what they would do, you know, on the subject, but the rest of it was an attack on what George Bush has not done or failed to do or lied about or et cetera, et cetera.

And it's because the Democratic primary core voters are so enraged at George Bush that they have to -- you know, they have to feed that beast.

And the most -- the best example of this is Joe Lieberman, who's probably the most moderate of them all and constantly is waving the bloody shirt of Florida, you know, that black voters were disenfranchised, were prevented from going to the polls in Florida, et cetera, et cetera. It's replaying the sore of the 2000 election.

So, you know, that's what this is all about. This was not an attempt to appeal to the average voter.

Roger Ailes threw a hissy fit. "Who believes he can blacklist any news organization is making a terrible mistake" and "runs a real risk of losing the voters." I shrugged. So FAUX has been called out, and now they commence with the bluster.

Fuck off, Fox. It ain't playin' in Peoria any longer.

They aren't balanced, they are biased. They aren't news, they are propaganda. Their newscasts stay as close to the party line as ITAR/TASS did in the old Soviet Union.

They are openly hostile to the Democratic Party and Democratic candidates; and the person who had that brilliant notion to book them to host the debate should clean out their desk.

But god-damnit, riddle me this Batman...

Why the fuck would anyone in the state Democratic Party even consider letting FAUX have a chance to tear down all of our candidates en masse?

If I knew the identity of that genius, I'd have a Wanker of the Week.

Instead, in Edwards, we have a strong contender for Mensch of the Month.


Me said...

You know, it just blew my mind when I first heard that the Dems were gonna participate in this sham. I was like, WFT?!?!?
Who the hell is advising them? Seriously. I can guarantee that not ONE PERSON who watches Faux News will EVER vote for a Dem. Will.Not.Happen.

Apollo 13 said...

Good for Edwards. Mike on the FIGHTING BACK thread at PA posted (March 7, 2007 at 6:25 PM) that "Tom Collins, the head of NVDems and DINO, is retiring..." Good riddance, Tom. I don't know if Collins is the wanker but I get the feeling that Mike would know...FYI.

Say it again... Fuck off, Fox.

I've been advocating a cut-throat approach for some time... and starving the anti-Dem news media like Fox along with dominating New Media, the Internet.

The state of news media is utterly disgusting and in need of radical transformation. Until we get a strict Fairness Doctrine up and running, take the gloves off, put the brass knuckles on, and give the media whores some black eyes. Having worked for traditional news media, I know some chinks in their armor. Sheesh, if I had Bill Gates' wealth, oh, the can of whoopass I'd open. But, in the meantime, we counter the propaganda as best we can. Complain often to media (professionally, of course). It's not unusual for me to write someone once a week using Media Matters email alerts. Don't waste your time complaining to Faux News. Work the other news outlets, Fox competitors, and don't forget your local newspapers.

I've digressed from your main topic, BGRS, but I think we can agree that Dems need to wise up on the media score and get a killer strategy