Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Using Bin Laden to Win an Election

Mark Halperin pulls back the mask on the Republican Party and reveals that the way they wage the war on terror is tied to elections and consolidating power, not protecting the American people.

While using Time magazine to run down a lazy man's list of ideas as to how John McCain can win in November (is this more of that awful, biased media coverage McCain was whining about?), Halperin and his editor should have left this one off the list:
–For Osama bin Laden to be captured in a way that helps the White House and the Republican brand.

Capturing or killing Osama bin Laden should be the goal of someone wanting to protect America from a deadly enemy, not the goal of someone looking to "help" an incompetent White House who let bin Laden get away or to "re-brand" the Republican Party.

Anyone with a brain knows that the Bush Administration is going to do whatever they can to try to get bin Laden before they leave office. That they would cynically allow bin Laden to remain free until such time as they can stage an October Surprise to try to help John McCain win the presidency--and thereby ensure that the lawbreaking of the Bush administration can go unpunished because a President McCain would likely look the other way, instruct the Justice Department to do nothing, or pardon anyone brought up on charges AFTER President Bush signs a flurry of pardons this January before he leaves office, is a fucking disgrace.

A fucking disgrace, a sham, and an insult to all of the Americans who died on September 11, all of the Americans who have died fighting terror, anyone who has sacrificed to keep America safe.

The Republican Party is party of cynical, desperate fear-mongering. And Mark Halperin is one of their many enablers and apologists.


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