Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thank You For Being an Ignorant Twit

Here's and oldie but a goodie from Glenn Greenwald, who is able to spot this stuff a mile away.

If you've been living inside of the bubble that is Washington D.C., and making a solid living at this whole "pundit" and "opinion" game, one would think that the ton of money that they've been paying you would at least buy some cultural literacy. In the case of Maureen Dowd and David Brooks, all of that money is wasted on hackery. All it buys is a slingload of ignorant ranting and raving disguised as "commentary."

Plenty of people make mistakes--there's nothing wrong with that. But making a mistake is different than being culturally ignorant.

David Brooks, a resident of Bethesda, Maryland, can be forgiven, I guess, for not spending a lot of time at Applebee's. The nearest restaurant for Brooks is a choice between Falls Church and College Park. Maybe the next time he decides to spout off, he'll pay a visit to something other than the dark recesses of his own ignorance.

Maureen Dowd is a special case, emphasis on "special." No one exposes more of their own ignorance and inability to function in polite society with as much hackery and amateurism as Dowd on a weekly basis.

He thought a little thing like winning would stop her?

Oh, Bambi.

Whoever said that after denial comes acceptance hadn’t met the Clintons.

If Hillary could not have an acceptance speech, she wasn’t going to have acceptance.

“It’s never going to end,” sighed one Democrat who has been advising Hillary. “We’re just moving to a new phase.”

Barry has been trying to shake off Hillary and pivot for quite a long time now, but she has managed to keep her teeth in his ankle and raise serious doubts about his potency. Getting dragged across the finish line Tuesday night by Democrats who had had enough of the rapacious Clintons, who had decided, if it came to it, that they would rather lose with Obama than win with Hillary, the Illinois senator tried to celebrate at the St. Paul arena where Republicans will anoint John McCain in September.

Notice that Dowd failed to mention that Obama's speech electrified the crowd while McCain gave what was, in virtually every account of it, a speech that was horrible.

You can judge for yourself:

Contrast that "visual" with this image from the AP--

One of Dowd's ongoing smears is to refer to Barack Obama as "Bambi" while she works out her issues with Bill and Hillary Clinton. I guess she's been doing that for a while.

Didn't anyone point out to her that, by using the term "Bambi," she demonstrates just how ignorant she really is? Dowd has, obviously, never seen the film in its real context.

While "Bambi" starts out as a fawn who is young, inexperienced, and naive, he certainly doesn't end up that way. As someone who has had to sit through the re-released DVD version of the film countless times, let me break it down for you: by the end of "Bambi," the lead character has survived the death of his mother, bulked up and put on a considerable amount of muscle, bedded the girl, gotten the girl, survived a vicious attack by hunting dogs, survived a gunshot wound, and has saved his friends from a raging fire started by careless madmen. In short, "Bambi" starts out a weakling and ends up being a badass. He ends the film standing next to his father, ready to take charge of protecting the deer in the forest from any danger.

But if you're paid big bucks by the New York Times to be a pundit, why bother knowing anything about the American culture?

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