Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saturday Morning Quick Hits

Tolja they were playing politics with the Guantanamo trials As the "trial" for accused September 11 mastermind KSM and the others got underway, the families of victims who wanted to observe the proceedings were shut out - all except one - a woman named Debra Burlingame whose brother was aboard one of the planes and who has been a tireless and unquestioning bu$h sycophant. After the NY Daily News exposed her as a political ally to the administration, Leahy got pissed and fired off a letter to Mukasey, and Ms. Burlingame was uninvited to the premier of the production.

Cue the wingnuts to dismiss the reporter because his name is 'Ali' and he therefore hates America Dismissing the ludicrous claims by aWol and his labor secretary that unemployment spiked because teenagers entered the work force last month. "I just wish they wouldn't say that. President Bush said something earlier about how the unemployment rate today -- the increase -- was because a whole bunch of teenagers have joined the workforce, that's the point. 100,000 people join the working age working force every month. If we don't create 100,000 jobs every month, we're not doing the right thing."

And while their vocal cords are stretched out, they can howl about this The French public is riding a wave of Obamamania. In fact, the French have not been this excited since 1885, when they gave us the gift of Liberty that still proudly stands in the harbor in New York City. All of Europe has the good sense to hate aWol bu$h, but the French have been vocal about it and challenged the foreign policy fuckups openly. "For the French establishment, Obama represents a new chapter in the Western alliance," said Samuel Solvit, president of France's support committee for Barack Obama. The 2,000-person-strong committee is the biggest in Europe. "For ethnic minorities he embodies the equality of opportunity they crave." France is home to the largest group of African immigrants in Europe.


Now, off to the Berry Festival with me...back this afternoon with actual blogging.


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