Wednesday, June 18, 2008

McCaskill will go to the mat for Budweiser, but the Fourth Amendment can go hang

Well at least her priorities are straight. With telecom immunity rearing it's ugly head once more, Claire is ready to fight...not for the Fourth Amendment and the rule of law, you understand, that's just piffle, taking a back seat to vacation time and $19,000 in campaign contributions from telecom companies. (Who knew that the going rate for a U.S. Senator was so embarrassingly cheap?)

No, what has McCaskill ready to fight is Belgian company InBev's attempt to acquire Anheuser-Busch, the company that makes Budweiser.

Seriously. My disgust with McCaskill has been palpable since she sold us out and caved in to fearmongering last August so she could get her vacation underway. After thousands of Missouri voters called her out on the issue, she sent out a form email that was the lamest correspondence I have ever received from an elected representative, and I have been a Democrat represented by Kansas republicans. I know from lame responses. So long as she continues to disappoint, I will keep hammering at her. That is my job as a citizen. Until she shapes up and gets right on that one all-important issue, I will continue to ride her like a rented pony.

By the way - "protecting the companies and their stockholders" is actually a smokescreen supreme. It's actually nothing more than a petticoat for aWol bu$h to hide behind so Americans don't find out how far these bastards went, because the companies are most certainly protected by indemnity contracts

There is one thing that will get Claire back in the right side of the issue...If Senator Obama comes out strong and stands with Feingold and Dodd against the turncoat, sniveling, spineless cowards and bu$hdogs - she will get with the program.

Heres hoping that Senator Obama takes a firm stand and does it today.

And once more, here is the ActBlue link - pissed off progressives have contributed over $150,000 in 24 hours to go after sellout Democrats. It's a cryin' damn shame that we have to go after members of our own party, but it has come to the point that we have no choice and must take such action against - because when they sell out the Constitution, what choice do we have?

Update @ 3:30 p.m. - I just fixed the link in the paragraph above, and am happy to pass on that in one 24 hour period, nearly 3000 supporters have kicked in almost $170,000 to fight back against the betrayal by Hoyer.


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