Saturday, June 14, 2008

Astonishing Pictures out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa

UPDATE 12:24AM - Per Jim in Raleigh:

I don't want to violate her copyright, but he alerted us to the work of some relatives in the Cedar Rapids area--her photos are astoundingly better than anything I've seen out of the news organizations.

I won't reproduce--I'll link to her site.

And encourage everyone to have a look.


I've seen a lot of stories like this, but what they don't discuss or talk about is--what the hell is FEMA doing? Are they doing anything? Are they waiting? I've been trying to find out what they're doing for these folks, but I still can't find an answer, beyond putting up a phone number. And, yes--people in the midwest are more likely to be self-reliant--I get that.

Link and story removed--we're honoring the boycott on Associated Press stories.

Basically, people in Cedar Rapids, Iowa are running out of clean drinking water because they've been inundated with flood waters.

Two more photos after the jump...all of Cedar Rapids.

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