Thursday, May 8, 2008

Talkin' 'bout a resignation

It is time for the petulant brat who has already stepped aside from seeking re-election as this states governor to consider stepping down now. He has clearly abused the power of his office and needs to go now, for the good of the state.

Yael Abouhalkah, writing for the editorial board of the Kansas City Star articulated it quite well:

It's time to start using the "R" word with Missouri's immature governor, Matt Blunt. Yes, he may need to resign for the good of the state.

Sound too harsh? Not for people who respect the governor's office. Not for people who realize Blunt's recent childish actions are tarnishing that office right now.

Here's the latest example of why Blunt made absolutely the right move in announcing in January that he would not run for re-election.

His office has demanded copies of every e-mail and document sent to or from Rep. Jeff Harris, a Columbia Democrat running for attorney general.

Why the request?

No real reason, the governor's office admitted.

They just did it to jerk the chain of Harris, who had the temerity to stand up and defend the public's right to know what's going on with their governor. [emphasis added]

So the governor's office thought it would make this absurd request. Now taxpayer money will be wasted as Harris complies with the request.

Of course, the one person who's in real trouble over e-mails is Blunt.

Earlier this week, independent investigators sued Blunt to obtain computer backup tapes that contain e-mail messages deleted from the governor’s office computers.

Put simply, Blunt or his team may have illegally tried to hide information from the public.

Now the governor wants to divert attention from his mounting problems. Problems that, if they continue, could cause him to have to resign in disgrace later this year.

I have wanted him gone since his inaugural address in 2005 - but I never quite articulated it as well as Abouhalkah just did, and I have certainly never managed to discuss the smarmy little fucker without using profanity (see?) so just let me say this about the above reproduced editorial:


And if you have a little love to show Jeff Harris, scroll about a third of the way down the left sidebar, to the "Endorsed Candidates" link list and click the link to contribute to Jeff's campaign for Missouri Attorney General. He has already proven himself a stand-up guy, and god knows that here in Missouri we could use a few more of those in public service and a whole lot less Blunts.

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