Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday morning quick hits

Yes, yes. I know it's late, but it was still morning when I started this. I have been wearing the friend hat this morning and now I am putting on the blogger hat for a bit before I log off to go cover Truman Days for Show Me Progress - where I practice journalism, which means I edit the "fuck" out of my posts. (Heh, wordplay. I like it...)

Anyway, onward...

Juan Cole proposes we adopt the "McCain Unit"
- Where the Friedman unit is six months, a McCain Unit is four years. Which is pretty close to a "five year plan" and those never work out. Didn't work for Stalin, hasn't worked for Carl Peterson, and won't work for McCain. Juan tells you why. Go read it.

John Stewart tees off on Bush
over his bullshit reason for giving up golf, and for his treachery in front of the Knesset.

I just heard on NPR, but can't find a supporting link that Laurie Drew, the woman who engaged in an internet hoax to torment a troubled teen - who later killed herself as a result of the hoax - has been charged by a federal court in LA. I will post supporting links when I find them.

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