Tuesday, April 29, 2008

They went looking for a meth lab, but found a fish tank

This is the sort of thing that happens when you encourage garden variety morons to stop minding their own business and start encouraging them to spy on their neighbors:
Brooklyn Park police were looking for a meth lab, but they found a fish tank and the chemicals needed to maintain it.

And a few hours later, when the city sent a contractor to fix the door the police had smashed open Monday afternoon, it was obvious the city was trying to fix a mistake.
It happened while Kathy Adams was sleeping.

"And the next thing I know, a police officer is trying to get me out bed," she said.

Adams, a 54-year-old former nurse who said she suffers from a bad back caused by a patient who attacked her a few years ago, was handcuffed. So was her 49-year-old husband.

"They brought us here and said once we clear that area, you can sit down and you will not speak to each other," she said.

Police were executing a search warrant signed by Hennepin County Judge Ivy Bernhardson, who believed there was probable cause the Adams's home was a meth lab.

Berhardson, who was appointed to the bench less than a year ago, did not return KARE 11's phone calls.
Anyone else sick of the pervasive stupid we are subjected to every day?

Here is what caused all the uproar - a contractor installed a new hot water heater for the couple a few days before the Monday incident. While he was in the house, he smelled chemicals, and Ms. Adams told him that they were for the fishtank that she was looking at while she talked to him.

The subcontractor, no doubt fancying himself a hero, called the cops - who didn't investigate beyond interviewing the contractor. Instead, an 8 1/2 year veteran detective went to the judge who rubberstamped a warrant.

Ms. Adams is looking for a lawyer.

I hope she finds a shark, and I hope she sues the hell out of the police for not investigating and the contractor for being an "I am John Doe" idiot. Make that a dangerous idiot. The veteran officer needs fired, and the subcontractor needs his license yanked - at the very least. Goons.

And by the way - if you don't like this sort of thing, vote Democratic this fall because that is the only way to get judges appointed who will stand up to the fascists and rein in some of the abuse that has run amok under the guise of "law and order."

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