Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Slattery is in!

Former Kansas Congressman Jim Slattery has made it official. He is going to challenge Pat Roberts for his Senate seat.

And this gives us a chance to get in the wayback machine and go revisit something I wrote on (election day) November 7, 2006.
On Wednesday we start looking for a candidate to unseat that Bush appologist Pat Roberts. He has abused his spot on the intelligence committee and it is time for him to go. Slattery, you out there? Come home. Kansas needs you, because we want Dennis Moore to stay right the hell where he is. No other Democrat can hold the 03 so securely, we are not sacrificing a senior congressman for a senate seat, put that notion out of your mind right now! In 2010, Kathleen Sebelius is going to unseat Sam Brownback. But we'll get back to that in two years. Right now, we need a Democrat for 08. Anyone have any ideas besides Slattery? Yeah me neither. Jim, back to Kansas with you.
I am going to go pat myself on the back until my arm needs an icepack now. If you read that whole post, I was a hell of a lot more right about a whole hell of a lot of things than any conservative pundit out there has been in the last half century.


How is Sebelius going to beat Brownback if she's the Vice President of the United States?

UPDATE II - Blue Girl 11:21 p.m.

Well, 18 months ago when I wrote that, no one had even actually declared to run, except John Edwards who never left Iowa after 2004, so I wasn't even considering that she might get the VP nod. That would be pretty sweet, tho!

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