Sunday, April 6, 2008

McCain-Watch: the ongoing saga of McCain and the Media's Mancrush

Fox News Sunday - Chris Wallace lobbed softballs to McCain for several minutes, and at the end of the interview gave McCain the closing minutes - two or three by my estimation - to rail against corruption in government and how angry it makes him when people end up in federal prison for being greedy and corrupt. Chris Wallace swooned and didn't say one word about the Keating 5 and the fact McCain was up to his eyeballs in that criminal fiasco that sent his good buddy Keating to federal prison.

A few minutes later, talking to John Kerry he compared Howard Dean calling John McCain a "blatant opportunist" with the swiftboating of Kerry in 2004.

Talking to McCain he was a loyal little lapdog.

Interviewing Kerry he editorialized and badgered and conflated and put wirds in his mouth. He went from complacent poodle to untrained cur over the commercial break between guests.

That's what we have so far this morning - if we find more examples, we'll update.

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