Saturday, April 12, 2008

Agenda whores dying of virulent syphilis

Get ready to mock and ridicule, lefties. Freedom's Watch is falling under it's own weight, brought down by internal squabbling, congenital ineptitude, and the inherent trait that these conservative morons lack the capacity to organize a two-pony parade.

A year ago, they burst on the scene with a fifteen million dollar advertising campaign that was designed specifically to help their floundering fuckup in the oval office run out the clock on Iraq by promoting Keane and Kagan's AEI wet dream that came to be known as "the Surge™." Back in those heady days, they were talking about spending two hundred million dollars (these people lie easily...glibly, even) and by golly, they were gonna put us DFH liberals back in our place - we were going to tremble and quake before the mighty Freedom Agenda™ that could not be denied...It was going to roll down the mountain like an avalanche - unstoppable and minting patriots in it's wake! The entire country would be moved to enlist in the military! (Except for the sickly, cowardly brats that comprise the fruit of their loins, of course.)

Oh, we were scared...we quaked before the mighty rod of Freedom!

But after making that initial splash, the group seemed to fade away. Now, instead of providing that touted and ballyhooed "much needed conservative counter" to and all those America-hating Soros-funded projects; but it is doubtful that the syphilitic agenda whores will even have a role to play as the election season ramps up. Eli Pariser of MoveOn characterized the group this way: “So far it has been a lot of bark and not a lot of bite.”

The group was conspicuously absent as the Petraeus Promenade was reprised in front of the congress last week, and remains eerily silent as a liberal-leaning group, Progressive Media USA, gins up to take the offensive against John McShameless, but Ari Fleischer waved off that observation, asserting that “[T]he judgment was made that General Petraeus’s testimony in the spring of 2008 was nowhere near as important as his testimony in the fall of 2007.” Of course not - aWol's field position isn't nearly so important now as it was in September. Now it's the next president's baby. In that regard, the troop buildup worked.

As for me, I always like a little schaddenfreud with my quad-shot on a Saturday morning. Suck on it, bitches.

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