Friday, March 28, 2008

No Love for Corrupt ex-Congressman JD Hayworth

Poor JD Hayworth. When last we saw him, he was getting swept out of office for being too corrupt for the people of Arizona to tolerate. Now he's begging for cash:

In my case, I firmly believe Justice Department lawyers started preliminary inquiries AFTER the stories appeared. In other words, DOJ attorneys read the papers like everyone else, and the false allegations appearing in the press and on the internet attracted their attention.

At any rate, I had to retain legal counsel in Washington , D.C. to communicate with the Justice Department and co-ordinate compliance with the DOJ’s requests for documents. Whatever remained in the campaign treasury went to cover those fees–and they did not cover them completely.

As a result, I still have outstanding legal bills that total in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

That’s why “The Freedom in Truth Trust” has been established. Its name comes from holy scripture (”You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”–John 8:32), and its acronym (FIT) is accurate, since this entire episode has given us fits!

The trust was set up by local legal counsel and is administered by a California accounting firm.

Because this is not a political campaign account, IRS gift rules govern personal contributions. Individuals can give a total of $12,000 (twelve thousand dollars) annually; married couples can contribute a total of $24,000 (twenty four thousand dollars).

Ha Ha! Yeah, you read that right. Married couples can pony up 24K. What? The economy isn't THAT bad, right?

"Justice Department" lawyers went after you? The same group that couldn't find corruption in the Republican Party if it hit them in the head? You've gotta be a blatantly corrupt member to get chased after by a Republican controlled DOJ, dude. As in, stupid enough to make a bribe menu. Stupid enough to write shit down in E-mails and stupid enough to think you would never get caught.

Hey--if DOJ couldn't make a case against you, well, all the better. It's a rule of law thing, and if they couldn't nail you, they couldn't nail you. Ain't freedom sweet? Sounds like someone's bitching because they got to keep their freedom. Is that really the American way?

I left my "donation" at his site:

Pale Rider Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

March 28th, 2008 at 7:13 pm
What happened to the boasting loudmouth who used to go on Imus and run Democrats down?

Suck on it, Hayworth, you miserable clown. You oughta be wearing an orange jumpsuit and picking up trash along the freeway.

You know, some of my best work NEVER sees the light of day. Wingnuts moderate their stuff so tight you'd think the words a, an and the were intended to separate them from their mortal coil.

Hey, JD? Has Russert called lately?

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