Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Nightowl Newswrap

It's a sorry little roundup - I fell asleep when I laid down with the little one.

BREAKING: Embattled HUD Secretary to step down Monday via the NY Times, the Wall Street Journal (subscription required) is reporting that HUD secretary Alphonso Jackson has called a presser for 9:45 eastern Monday, and the word is he will announce his resignation. The reason the timing is significant is because Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is scheduled to unveil plans for dealing with the unfolding financial crisis precipitated by the mortgage collapse at 10:00.

Air Force looks for alternatives to traditional petroleum-based jet fuels With the price of jet fuel rapidly rising, the Air Force is looking to synthetics, and one of the alternatives that is holding promise is jet fuel from coal. The goal is to have the fleet of 6000 aircraft flying on 50-50 blends by 2011.

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