Friday, March 14, 2008

Nice Try, Dumbass

Everyone's favorite pervy wingnut moves the goalposts and tries to justify that which escapes him:

I had meant to post on this earlier. I am tired of the Clintonian claims about "no direct operational connection," which sounds an awful lot like "no sexual relations." Well, what does "sexual relations" mean? And what does "direct, operational link" mean? The very language itself screams there was in fact a link by denying only a specific, and quite unifying link and, by implication, allowing for links short of the "direct, operational" variety.

Okay, that kind of link didn't exist -- Al Qaeda and Saddam maintained separate command and control and did not in fact unify their separate terrorist organizations. Did they help each other achieve their joint goals, on the other hand?

The answer appears to be "yes," as it has always appeared.

And yet the media continues blaring "no direct operational link" without pausing to note that gee, there sure are some indirect, non-"operational" links.

"Appears to be? Well, if you can't read and you don't have the ability to perform basic analysis, sure. You could read it that way. You'd be wrong, however. Here's the part that sorta blows your lameass shit out of the water and directly contradicts what you just read.

The documents cited in the report do reveal that Hussein supported a number of terrorists and terrorist activities inside and outside Iraq.

"The Iraqi regime was involved in regional and international terrorist operations prior to Operation Iraqi Freedom. The predominant targets of Iraqi state terror operations were Iraqi citizens, both inside and outside of Iraq," according to the report.

Most of the terrorism was aimed at keeping Hussein and his Baath party in power, according to Pentagon officials.

Supporting al Qaeda would mean that Saddam would be supporting an organization that was diametrically opposed to his interests--as in, Saddam represented secularism, al Qaeda was a sworn enemy of secular governments in the Arab world.

See, that's how that works. Stick with ogling the boobies, Ace. Leave the analysis to the professionals. I don't know what's more fun--debunking bullshit or using "paint" to fuck up his logo. I'm getting better at it. Some of the ones I've done are only mildly debased and amateurish.

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