Friday, March 14, 2008

FISA: Nothing New Presented by Terrified Republicans

I mean, if you can't scare Steny Hoyer, who can you scare? McJoan at DKOS explains:

FISA Fight: Secret session secrets
by mcjoan
Thu Mar 13, 2008 at 10:39:38 PM PDT
Well, ok, not really "secrets" since there's no way we could know what was discussed because it was, um, secret, but Steny Hoyer did have this to say upon the session's end:

"I did not hear any new information tonight that dissuades me from my very strong belief that the FISA bill House Democrats have produced – and which the House will vote on tomorrow – is a reasonable, thoughtful, appropriate piece of legislation that will ensure that the intelligence community has all the tools it needs to protect our nation, while also respecting the Constitutional protections that Americans rightfully feel are so important. Tomorrow, I will urge members on both sides of the aisle to vote for this legislation."

Because there was no new information to be had. The House leadership called the Republicans' bluff--they probably called for the damned thing thinking the Dems would reject it, and then they would have some great tool to use against them in the debate. I can just hear them now: "Not all the secret information was heard, it's irresponsible of them to go forward with this vote."

Well, leadership let the Republicans have their little session, even though they admitted on the House floor in the debate leading to the session that they had no new info. They were left standing there holding the bag, just creating one more obstruction. Funny way for them to behave, considering how dangerous they say it is for the nation to go one more day without resolution of the FISA issue.

When given a chance to close the doors and bring out anything--ANYTHING--to justify what's being done in our name, the Republicans roll over and emit a wet fart so devastating to their own plans, somewhere--SOMEWHERE--there's at least one of them with the decency to maybe realize that their world is turning into a nightmare.

I, for one, would welcome more of the honest ones to abandon the Republican Party and join the Democratic Party. It's cool over here. Plus, you get to acknowledge reality and stuff.

Speaker Pelosi also takes the President to the woodshed--

Now, when are they going to realize this: when you talk this way, Madame Speaker, it makes me happy and it makes me approve of the job you're doing. It makes me....all giddy and stuff.

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