Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fatboy Himself

Dork Five's Uncle Jimbo and four of his chins.

Jesus, get that fat boy to an endocrinologist.

No wonder he only did fourteen--twenty would have been impossible when a fat boy has to carry that wide of a load on two knees. Did he get laughed out of Group?
"I sold political advertising for Capital Newspapers in Madison, WI during the 2006 elections."

What's next? Used cars? Insurance? I was almost afraid Uncle Bimbo would be capable of some serious pushback. Apparently, the only thing he's pushing is his fat ass away from an empty buffet table.


Now, to be fair, I should add that I'm not exactly a picture of health and fitness myself. But I don't go around representing myself as a Special Forces dude. I come from the part of the Army where we definitely kept chairs from flying into the air.

Many people have asked me to post a picture--well, this is me, last year, out walking around with my captive bolt gun, but that's really not important right now.

When I was in the Army, they gave me a waiver to keep the pageboy haircut. It's true!

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