Tuesday, December 4, 2007

What if they staged a presser and no one even bothered to mock it?

So, the verbally-challenged nincompoop held a press conference this morning. Fox didn't even air the whole thing, cutting away to regularly scheduled programming about half-way through.

He stood up there, totally devoid of intellect, sentience and the ability to reason and put his pathetic version out there. At one point, he actually asserted that the pressure he has been applying to Iran recently - is why they stopped their weapons program in 2003!!!

Who knew that Mr. Peabody and his Wayback machine were serving in the Bush (mal)administration?

It amounted to a half hour of insisting that Iran is "still dangerous" and a "threat to peace" and can't be allowed the "knowledge" to make a noo-kyu-ler weapon. It was a fucking embarrassment.

They simply can't admit that they are wrong about anything.

And blogtopia™, (Yes! skippy coined that phrase!) didn't even show up to mock him.

Since our pathetic congressional Democrats don't have the political courage, nor the intestinal fortitude to impeach these lying, warmongering, pathetic excuses for Americans - will someone just escort them off the stage, dose, 'em with Haldol, and fast-forward the clock to January 2009?

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