Friday, November 30, 2007

The Sudanese sure know what to get excited about

Never mind the genocide going on just over the horizon - a teacher disrespected the prophet! Death to the infidel!

Give me a fucking break. That entire part of the world needs to stop acting like histrionic brats and make with the calming the fuck down already.

I can not muster any sentiment but mockery for the Sudanese right now.

An English school teacher got 15 days - but the foam-flecked masses want her executed - over the choice of name bestowed upon a teddy bear by a group of seven year olds.

I think they are getting excited about the wrong miscreant adult.

What the fuck kind of slacker parents are raising these kids, anyway?

It is the parents of the little apostates who have failed to instill proper reverence and virtue in their children! Why else would these good little sprouts of the tree of Islam be so heretical?

Round up those moms and dads and get answers! They are failing Islam! Flog them!

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