Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday Catblogging: help name the kitten edition

Meet Zoe's kitten. She doesn't have a name yet. That's where you come in...

So let's get to know this little swee' pea, and you can
leave your suggestions in comments. Zoe will decide
which one of your suggestions she likes best.
She's new, and just left her Mommy two days ago,
so she is hanging at the G-Rents with Zoe
instead of downstairs in her own apartment.
Kitten and mouse.

Kitten on the keys.

She is really quite an active little thing. We were sitting in the gallery/great room enjoying our morning coffee, and all of a sudden, she was on the doorknob to the coat closet, and ferociously attacking my backpack.

She would bound away, and watch her prey from behind the recliner in the next room; then come charging back and start the assault all over again. She did this for about a half hour. (I shot some video, but I had trouble with the uploading. If I can manage to get it uploaded, I'll update, because it's freakin' hilarious, and I really want to share it with you.)

And she sure is giving Buddy Impeachment a run for his money where the chair stealing is concerned.

In this instance, when she got tired of attacking the backpack, she headed for the office and my chair, and immediately went soundly to sleep. When I gently scooped her up and moved her, she gave me the one-squinky-eye disproving look.

Okay - your help with the naming will be greatly appreciated.

I'll go first...I say she should be named Kitty Foreman.

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