Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Let's all play mock the moron!

Hoo boy…The KC Star sure does put some delusional fuckwits out there for everyone to mock and ridicule. Usually I just skip that page of the paper – I need no further proof that I’m surrounded by idiots, and the usual suspects on the LtE page are, for the most part, an affront to idiots, morons, cretins, jackasses and retards everywhere. But when I slip up and read them, I can always find a perfect specimen of pure, distilled dipshittery. Monday’s moron is from Mission, and her name is Liz Dunn. Let’s not just give her letter a read, let’s deconstruct it and humiliate her in front of the class, shall we?

Why is it so important that we win in Iraq? If we pull out of Iraq, abandoning the plan for Democracy, the terrorists (al Qaeda) could get a foothold and take over the government, similar to the Taliban in Afganistan.

BZZZTTTT!!! Wrong, wronger, wrongest! The wrongest answer anyone in the history of humankind has ever given, to any question, and it truly belies her pure unadulterated ignorance, coupled with the stupidity that prompts her to blather on about things of which she has zero understanding. Liz, you frothing twit, al Qaeda is a radical Sunni group, and the country of Iraq is 70% Shi’ite. We pull out of Iraq, there will be no al Qaeda left in that country 30 days later. They will either flee for their lives or be slaughtered.

If this should occur, Iraq would join Iran and Syria in supporting terrorist activities, causing the Middle East to become very unstable.

First, our intellectually challenged punching bag makes an assertion that claims facts not in evidence, and besides that, the war in Iraq has done so very much to make the region stable…[/sarcasm]. Get this through your thick head right now…The Shi’ite-dominated government of Iraq is going to have an alliance with Shi’ite Iran, and there is not a bloody thing the United States can do about it. Not since we overthrew the guy who could prevent it and saw to it he was hung by the neck until dead. The foreign fighters who are killing American and coalition forces in Iraq are not Iranians, they are predominantly Saudi Arabian. Saudi Arabia is already a huge supporter of state terrorism, and glossing over that tells me all I need to know about Liz Dunce. She is either willfully ignorant, or she is as stupid as a box of rocks. In either case, her argument has more holes than a lace doily and her “analysis” isn’t worth a bucket of warm piss.

If these three countries formed an alliance, they may possibly take action against the other countries in the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait or Jordan. Israel, of course, would be in grave danger.

Liz, that Kool-aid you gulped so readily – was it Raspberry Red, or Boo-Berry Blue? Iran has not invaded another country since the 1800’s. And sweetie, Israel can take care of her damned self. But don’t take my word for it – not when Efraim Helevy, former Mossad spy chief is saying the same damned thing. “I believe Israel is indestructible,” and even if they did obtain nuclear weapons “they are deterable.” He isn’t too impressed with Ahmadinejad’s rhetoric, either, since in reality, Iran’s ability to make good the threats he bandies about is minimal, and that’s a generous assessment. The Mullahs are not suicidal, they perceive perpetuation of the regime as a holy obligation, and they are not foolish enough to risk that.

If al Qaeda were in charge of these Middle Eastern countries, then much of the worlds oil supply would be under their control, causing an economic disaster.

The stupid…it…burns…sometimes…al Qaeda is about 15,000 radicals (up drastically since aWol attacked Iraq, but I digress, as is my wont) with no real power structure. Wonder if she, or anyone else for that fact, can explain how they’re gonna herd those cats and take over all the Middle Eastern oilfields? (Now try that explanation without application of magical thinking and inserting “a miracle happens somewhere around about here” in the middle of your explanation. Not so easy with that qualifier in place, is it?)

With money and power, terrorists would become bolder in their activities around the world, including attacking the United States.

How do you figure, Liz? Can you back that up, or are you just a parrot for the war profiteering industry?

Those who think we should pull out of Iraq and that the terrorists will leave our country alone are naïve. al-Qaeda is determined to destroy the United States, Israel and other countries that will not do their will.

Those who think that we should stay in Iraq forever, “fightin’ ‘em there so we don’t have to fight ‘em here” are too fucking stupid to get out of bed without a helmet, and likely need a court-appointed guardian for all decisions more complicated than selecting their socks.

Liz and her ilk are bound and determined to lose the war on terror for us. Terrorists win when they succeed in terrifying, and I suspect that Liz is one terrified, quivering mass of willful ignorance, warmongering propaganda and specious ideology, with a permanently-purple upper lip. What a sad, pathetic existence to be flush in both stupidity and fearfulness, and enslaved to both of those cruel masters.

Does anyone with at least one functioning neural synapse really believe that a few thousand radicals could actually subdue the people of this country? (Without the help of people like Liz and the other foam-flecked, fearmongering fuckwits, that is.) We are fiercely independent, we are heavily armed and we are the orneriest, most obstreperous people on the face of the planet. Good luck getting me in a Burka or any member of my family to submit to Sharia law. Not gonna happen. But we aren’t prone to pissin’ down our legs in fear. We are cut from the “I’ll die on my feet before I live one minute on my knees” cloth – you know, like real, authentic, sprang from revolutionary stock, Patriotic Americans.

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