Monday, November 19, 2007

It's official...

It's undeniable...

Thomas Friedman is batshit insane.

I have long suspected that he lost his freakin' mind somewhere between Beirut and Jerusalem, and yesterdays OpEd in the New York Times is ample evidence that he should be detained in a secure facility where he can't harm himself or others.

The Very Serious Person Friedman actually wrote a column that was published in the Very Serious New York Times in which he attempts to, in all seriousness, build a case for Obama, should he be the Democratic nominee, should tap his long-lost cousin Dick to stay on for another term as Vice.

It would be an effective way of dealing with Iran, you see.

And that brings me back to the Obama-Cheney ticket: When it comes to how best to deal with Iran, each has half a policy — but if you actually put them together, they’d add up to an ideal U.S. strategy for Iran. Dare I say, they complete each other.

I know - I rubbed my eyes, took another swig of coffee, blinked hard and reread it. I was quite disturbed to realize that I had not been hallucinating.

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