Monday, November 19, 2007

Delusional Wingnut Jim Gilmore

Just when you couldn't figure out which delusional wingnut to laugh at next, the former governor of Virginia obliges us with a trip down batshit crazy way.

-From WJLA: Former GOP Gov. Jim Gilmore announced Monday that he will seek the U.S. Senate seat held by retiring Republican John Warner.

Gilmore's announcement sets up a campaign with another former governor, Democrat Mark R. Warner - a clash between two men with vastly different views about government and little affection for the other.

In 1997, Gilmore was elected governor in a landslide after promising to eliminate the personal property tax cities and counties in Virginia impose on private cars and pickup trucks. By the end of Gilmore's term in 2002, however, the cost to the state of the car tax cut had exceeded projections, and a recession deepened by the terrorist strikes of Sept. 11, 2001, had created a state budget shortfall that eventually topped $6 billion.

We should all rejoice that Republicans like Gilmore and George Allen walk amongst us, convinced to their self-righteous core that people will actually vote for them and give them money to run for office. Disgraced former Senator Allen actually signed on the Fred Thompson campaign, helping to sink it even further into a morass of indecision. No one could figure out what was worse--having Allen help out or having Thompson speak in public and tell people when they should applaud his remarks.

If Virginia is smart, and it looks like it's starting to become one of the smartest "purple" states in the country, then it'll send Mark Warner to the Senate to help Webb end the war in Iraq.

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