Monday, November 12, 2007

Grover Norquist Says Something Stupid Again

Get to know Grover Norquist. Look him up. Study his every move. He is the enemy of America. He is everything that is wrong with this country.

Here's his latest ridiculous brain fart:

“It will be ridiculous to have Mr President and Madam President in the White House,” he [Grover Norquist] said. “We’re the United States of America. How can we say to President Mubarak [of Egypt], ‘You can’t hand off the presidency to your son, it’s got to be your wife’ or, ‘Hey Syria and North Korea, you've got to knock this stuff off and be like us’.”

Norquist has commissioned lawyers to draw up a constitutional amendment that would ban family members from succeeding one another to elected and appointed office. If passed, it would not apply to the Clintons as a Bush was elected in between them. But Norquist believes that it will alert voters to the perils of dynasty. “Americans don’t like to go back,” he said.

Reaganism was forward-looking. Hillary is running a reprise of her husband’s campaign. The advantage for the Republicans is that Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney are new.”

A ban to keep them from succeeding one another? There already is a rule about nepotism. Perhaps the Republican Party forgot about it? I mean, we see clear-cut examples of Republican nepotism every day. Is Norquist trying to get religion and remind us about all the links to government incompetence and corruption that runs through the extended Bush and Cheney families? Did he shove his head so far up his own ass that he forgot the so-called Bobby Kennedy rule about cabinet members?

Norquist seems to think it would be wise to crap all over one of our few allies in the Middle East, and I wonder how that would turn out for us. Just when you think they couldn't be any stupider, an influential conservative thinker questions the legitimacy of the leadership of Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Thanks, Grover. We've got enough on our plates now. Oh, and Grover? They don't have a monarchy in Iran, so you're a big supporter of their form of democracy, aren't you?

Romney is new? Hardly. Romney's dad, who was a governor and a HUD secretary, might have something to say about that.

Getting back to what Robert Wuhl talked about, you know George W Bush is a descendant of President Franklin Pierce, right? One of the worse Presidents of the 19th Century is an ancestor of the worse President ever. Why not ban anyone related to Bush from ever serving again? I see a pattern here, and it has cost this country dearly. I mean, you can't always expect the Roosevelt and Adams families to at least have decent offspring.

Had a look at Pierce Bush lately? I can't do HTML to save my life, but have a gander at the next Bush dynasty in action. And, no--he didn't sleep with those girls. They're in it for the free beer. Sometimes you have to put up with a creepy rich kid just to get a little down time between classes, don't you, ladies?

And I wonder what Jeb Bush--the only one in the Bush family with any brains or talent--thinks about Norquist and his little pet project to gain attention for himself.

Anyway, something hilarious from the article:

Bonnie Merckley, 21, said: “I thought Bill Clinton was a great president, but when people remember his presidency, they remember the scandals.”

No, dingbat. We remember the peace and prosperity.

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