Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Delusions of Donald Rumsfeld

A year after his forced departure from the Penatgon, a series of Rummy's brain droppings has been made public.

I started reading with the normal, requisite liberal scorn for all things Rumsfeld, but before I got to the bottom of the first page, I was shaking with anger.

Donald Rumsfeld is a piece of excrement, and he is not even the same species as me.

He never thought once about the lives of the young men and women he was sending into battle. He never thought twice about the lies. He was more concerned with how he looked, and what the public perception was than he was about the lives and well-being of the soldiers who obeyed the orders he originated.

He dismissed all "Muslims" as lazy and unwilling to work hard or perform physical labor. He encouraged his underlings to keep ratcheting up threat levels. He consciously conflated Iran and Iraq in a quest to get yet another war ginned up.

The memos paint a picture of a fossil, a relic, a jingoistic dinosaur; not merely incapable of considering any position not held by him, but rigidly disdainful of anyone even capable of considering other points of view.

Grandiose affect, overblown sense of self, disdain for all others, dismissive of any reality that does not comport to his whim, unable to resist boiling everything down to a "bumper sticker" slogan...

A living specimen of DSM-IV described psychopathologies, with Axis II personality disorders heavily represnted...

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