Thursday, September 20, 2007

When a Republican can’t get any love in Wichita….

That is pretty sad – that is a Republican that can only accurately be described as a Pariah.

And Donald “I’ll fire the next guy who asks about a post-invasion plan” Rumsfeld is just such a Republican. He was scheduled to appear at the Wichita Chamber of Commerce annual falderal on December 4, but so many people objected, his engagement was unceremoniously canceled, and his replacement was announced today…Tony Snow. As in “More than six feet of snow is forecast inside Century II on Tuesday, Dec. 4.”

(Doesn’t that tagline just make you groan in embarrassment? Or is it just me, because I am always going to be marginally connected to that place – as in all my best girlfriends, the women I raised a family with in the absence of actual family near by, still live there?)

Anyway, the Wichita Chamber of Commerce is so far to the right they look down on John Birchers as Dirty Fucking Hippies. Past speakers at the annual "do" include Rudy (2004), Bush the Elder (2005), and that unholy union of Matalin & Carville (2006) (which should be quite enough proof to everyone that the ragin’ Cajun ain’t on our side any more.)

Anyway – I had such a schaddenfreud moment when my friend P. called me squealing like a schoolgirl a few minutes ago and I just had to share!

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