Monday, September 10, 2007

Today's testimony has me in a funky mood

The Democrats were so spineless today. How pathetic. I hope the Senate does a better job tomorrow. I don't have any high hopes for my Democratic Senator. But I have hope that Jim Webb and John Kerry will be willing to show a little more spine. We'll see.

The spineless wimps of banality in the House scratched their chins thoughtfully, and furrowed their brows most Seriously. They will begin to debate, and in Serious Tones, they will deem the Surge™ has shown just enough signs of progress that they must advance General Westmoreland Petraeus another Friedman Unit. Of course, the defining characteristic of the Friedman Unit is that it is an automatically resetting unit.

The Surge™ has been a failure. The Surge of PR has been successful. Bush will run out the clock. And every day that blithering idiot and the evil, warmongering Cheney are in office, the closer we are to this:

Fuck it. I think I am going to pour a big-assed glass of Whiskey and spend the rest of tonight drinking. Heavily. I'll bring the outrage tomorrow.

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