Sunday, September 30, 2007

The NeoCon Hydra Sprouts Another Head

With PNAC discredited, it's craven agenda exposed and it's signatories openly mocked, many having been hounded out of public life under clouds of scandal, what, pray tell, is a bloodthirsty right-wing, warmongering Jewish Chickenhawk to do with that million dollars burning a hole in his pocket?

Why, form a new *policy group* of course! This time, though, they are focusing on regaining control of "the message" from us DFH's who question their motives and their "More War!!!" answer to every damned thing. Last winter, when the Republican Jewish Coalition met, the evil seeds were planted, and over the summer the poison plant germinated. The cartoonish-sounding "Freedom's Watch" was born, fronted by Ari Fleischer. In August they started airing misleading commercials featuring Sgt. John Kriesel, a National Guardsman who lost both legs in Iraq. In the commercial, the vet begs congress to keep funding the fuckup in Iraq because "They attacked us, and they won't stop." and then the obligatory 9/11 shot of the second plane just before it hit the second tower.

When asked, Fleischer could not come up with the Sergeant's name.

Of course, their disinformation campaign is pure propaganda. The sort of propaganda that would give Goebbels a woody.

Several of the group’s spots suggested that Iraq, rather than Al Qaeda, was behind the Sept. 11 attacks, even though the independent Sept. 11 commission investigation and other inquiries found no evidence of Iraq’s involvement. But in August, when the organization rolled out the advertisement with Sergeant Kriesel to two focus groups in Pennsylvania, its upbeat, patriotic message was well received, even causing a few viewers to weep, Mr. Blakeman said. (emphasis mine)

“The focus groups couldn’t tell whether it was a Republican ad or a Democratic ad,” he said.

Their intent is to hide their warmongering agenda by presenting an image that they intend to be mistakenly conveyed as the voice of "real people."

It's bullshit, of course, but it is their intent none the less. In reality, the voice being conveyed is that of a handful of agenda whores and billionaire backers, every last one with a war fetish and ethics in inverse proportion to their bank accounts.


Now - let me say a couple of words to my fellow sane Jews - you know who you are - you have a peace fetish and you either support Brit Tzedek v'Shalom, or you should ought to (the "Let's Talk" badge on the left sidebar). We have to speak up! These neocon assholes have pretended they speak for all of us for too long, while dismissing us as "self loathing" because we deign to question the martial stance of the modern state of Israel - and they absolutely do not! They do not speak for me, on any issue, and certainly not on matters of life and death, which is what we are talking about here. I have to believe there are more of us than there are of them, so can we start pushing back, please?

And that brings me to set up, and eventually ask, a question: I am an American first. I'm not even a Jew second. Mother, wife, daughter, friend - I am a lot of things before I get to Jew on the list. My Jewishness influences my fulfillment of those roles, but it is not my be all and end all.

Like I said - I am an American first. I take the Constitution and the admonishments of the founders seriously. I am supposed to question a government that I think is on the wrong path. It is my duty to do so. But I am supposed to just pledge blind fealty to Israel, and not question, simply because my Mothers lineage follows a certain path?

Sorry. I can't reconcile that, so the questions will continue.

Heh...I guess you could call me a Jewish American Princess. (If I wasn't prone to decking anyone who called me "Princess" that is...)

Update @ 10:00 a.m.: Gosh! I almost forgot! I hope you all had a rockin' Sukkot! I'm not the only leftie Jew in my building. We set up a sukkah in the courtyard and commenced showing the gentiles how to party.

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