Monday, August 27, 2007

Ted Nuisance: Not just insane, but a pathetic, pissing coward, too!

By now you have all seen the YouTube of Ted Nuisance strutting across the stage brandishing a machine gun and telling Hillary and Obama to "suck on this" and he calls Obama a "piece of shit" and a "punk."

Ted maybe ought to exercise a little care when throwing around terms like "punk" - especially when the public record shows him to be a draft-dodging punk of the first order. When it was his time to step up and wield a machine gun for real, he pussed out, big time.

Richard Roeper at the Chicago Sun-Times has the details of the Motor City Madman's unrivaled cowardice:
[W]hen it was time to register for the draft during the Vietnam era. By his own admission, Nugent stopped all forms of personal hygiene for a month and showed up for his draft board physical in pants caked with his own urine and feces, winning a deferment. Creative!
Sean Insanity of Faux Noise defends the jingoistic jackass and his 'right' to make terroristic threats against two sitting United States Senators (both of whom have Secret Service protection).

Funny thing, that. I certainly do not recall him being so magnanimous and in favor of the First Amendment when Natalie Maines said she was embarrassed that Bush was from her home state of Texas.

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