Sunday, August 5, 2007

Pathologies on Parade

I am watching the panel of Republican hopefuls on ABC's This Week - good Lord these morons are delusional. The first thing I hear out of Romney's mouth - he was touting the fallacious feel-good assessment of those chuckleheads O'Hanlon and Pollack and telling us things are looking up in Iraq. (He should read the post right below this one.) Romney is a master of rewriting history, insisting (when asked about Iraq) that "They attacked us on 9/11! They attacked us!" (I think he should be comMITTed) *Benito* Giuliani is still taking credit for things in New York that are not his successes to claim, and Congressman Combover (Tancredo) is insisting that when the State Department takes to task the things he says, like we should bomb Mecca, he feels better about the things he says.

Folks, when Ron Paul, dubbed "Congresman Clueless" by my patron saint Molly Ivins, is the sanest representation on the stage, y'all are screwed.

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