Thursday, July 12, 2007

What a condescending load of crap! (and how you can help with the push back)

The ideologues appointed by this administration have struck again, this time by rewriting the content on a government website,, to push the abstinence and pro-life agendas. I hadn’t visited the site for a while, but a walk-through left me feeling ill.

No factual information is offered – just tips on keeping your teenagers chaste and ignorant. The former is almost certainly destined toward failure, the latter is a slam dunk if you follow the “advice” this administrations ideologues promote.

Here is an excerpt from the teen pregnancy section of the site, with the most condescending part highlighted:

  • Some teen mothers decide to continue their pregnancy and then choose adoption for their baby. Adoption may be the best choice for the baby and the teen parents. There are many adoption agencies and types of adoption. Some teens are able to meet the parents who wish to adopt the baby.
  • Many teens decide to keep their babies. Some marry the baby’s father and raise their baby together. Sometimes the baby's grandparents or other family members help raise it so that the teen mother can stay in school and work. But it requires a lot of additional hard work for a teen parent to finish school and get a good job. Children of teen mothers face greater risk of poverty, behavioral problems, poor academic performance, incarceration, and teen pregnancy, so good parenting skills are very important.68
  • Some teen pregnancies end in abortion. Abortions can have complications. There may be emotional consequences, as well: some women say that they feel sad and some use more alcohol or drugs than before.69, 70 Some states require teens to have their parent's permission to get an abortion. To understand the scope of this situation, consider these numbers: In 2002, there were over 750,000 teen pregnancies in the United States,71 including over 215,000 teen abortions.72

Yep – you read that right – abortion makes women sad.

I’m sure that’s it. The abortion makes women sad, and the life situation that surrounds the decision to have an abortion has nothing what-so-ever to do with any feelings of sadness.

Give me a break!

Folks, when the government pushes a fringe ideology and has a vested interest in keeping people poor, ignorant and down; it becomes up to us – that’s you and me, Bub – to push back.

And friends, that is exactly what we are doing.

My sister and compatriot on the other side of the state, Angry Black Bitch, had the grand idea to form a grass-roots, direct citizen action educational cooperative and take the knowledge we possess to the streets and the sticks. (Dangerous women, we are – and damned proud to wear those stripes, I might add).

We are going to do this thing no matter what – but we sure could use your help.

We got a little love (okay a LOT of love) yesterday in the form of huge links on our respective posts on Matt Blunt’s latest attack against women and education. She was linked at Fire Dog Lake, and my post was linked at both Crooks & Liars and Lawyers, Guns & Money. (When the Angry Black Bitch and the Redheaded Bitch get their rage on, people notice - or fail to at their peril!)

Now – here is how you can help…Like I said, we are in this thing and we are not going to back down. You can help by clicking on the PayPal button at the top of my sidebar and making a donation to the cause - every penny counts. When you do so, leave a comment and send me an email, so I know that the funds you are donating are for our efforts, not just because you love my blog so damned much.

We are doing this thing whether we get any help or not – we’ll just have a lot greater impact if we have your help. The poor and at-risk women of Missouri need your help. They sure as hell aren’t going to get if from the current administrations either in D.C or Jeff City.

But you have the power to help us help them to break the cycle.

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