Thursday, July 12, 2007

The post where I call out Harry Reid

Just about an hour ago, the U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation requiring the pull-out of American forces from Iraq. Per the House legislation, the draw down would start in 120 days, to be completed by April.

Now it goes to the Senate.

Harry Reid, you feckless dolt, don’t bend over and spread ‘em when Joe “More War!!!” Lieberman threatens to filibuster.

Calling the threat to filibuster a filibuster is just procedural masturbation - and an insult to my intelligence.

Let the fucking idiot Senator from AIPAC talk for as long as he can. Bring out the roll-away beds and make the bastard stand there until his ankles swell and his lips crack and he can’t go on another second.

But don’t you dare call for a cloture vote from the get-go and then say the bill was filibustered. That is just a lie.

Democrats, listen up: you were sent back to the majority because Americans are sick to death of this idiotic, criminal, war-of-choice started by a mendacious fool and his equally-fucked-up in the head neocon chickenhawk “advisors” – none of whom have any skin in the game.

Now, do your duty and don’t take the screwing that the Pubbies have been dishing out. They are nothing more than schoolyard bullies, and we all know that bullies are every last one cowards at their very core, and they crumble when they are called out.

So call them out.

And stop calling a parliamentary jacking-off a filibuster. Some of us didn’t sleep through Civics class, and we know you are full of shit. Which puts you a hell of a lot closer to the Pubbies in the public mind than you want to be.

So man up and call ‘em out.

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