Thursday, July 26, 2007

Time to bestow our very first Abernathy*

Oh this is rich!

David "Pervert in a Diaper" Vitter has, a mere week later, apparently put it all behind him and is moving on. Rolling up his sleeves and getting back to work. Apparently that week he spent in the fetal position, whimpering and terrified that his wife will make good on a previous threat left him rejuvenated and ready to take charge.

On Tuesday, he took the podium at the Republicans weekly policy lunch - one short week after he apologized in that same forum and received thunderous applause - but it was not another apology that he was at the podium to offer.


He was up there acting like nothing had happened, and telling the other Republicans in attendance that what the Republicans need to do to burnish their tarnished image is "rebrand" themselves by reclaiming the mantle of fiscal conservatism.

Yep. you read that right. David Vitter is deigning to give advice on image rehab, when his own countenance is somewhere in the subbasement.

And for that, the dubious man gets the dubious honor of being the recipient of our very first Abernathy* Award.

*On The Simpson's, Eleanor Abernathy is the name of the "Crazy Cat Lady." In virtually every appearance by her, she screams gibberish and throws live cats at passersby. I have decided to stop borrowing Atrios' 'Wanker' (minds out of the gutter!). From now on, when someone does or says something stupid and odious enough that they should have cats thrown at them, I will bestow an Abernathy.

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