Monday, August 13, 2007

Passing the Hat

[This appeal will be popping back up to the top every couple of days through the month of August. Scroll down to check for fresh content.]

Hey all - some of you in the past have offered contributions, and I declined, suggesting instead contributions to one of the "Worthy Causes" on my sidebar.

Now I am in a position where a few bucks would help.

It's kind-of a Catch-22. I cashed in so I could help my daughter out while she busts her ass now to make a middle-class life for herself and Zoe. She and Zoe's Dad are getting divorced, and Hubby and I are pretty much in charge of the childrearing. Here's the catch: I need to help her out a little more financially to get over a hump. If I go back to work, I'm not here for Zoe. And it kind-of sucks to drop into a facility, show competence and then leave a couple of months later.

I've never passed the hat before, and I confess that I feel awkward. We aren't in crisis, and we don't need thousands of dollars. We just want to keep the focus on a three-year-old whose parents are getting a divorce. I'd rather not introduce daycare into the equation, especially short term. I'll frankly be grateful for a cup of coffee.

Or freelance work of just about any kind. That would totally kick ass.

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